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Business in the Middle East? Contact Eriksson Consulting for support!
Your Partner for enhanced internationel business
Despite you are working with export, import or other international activities Eriksson Consulting has a number of services which lihtens your burden. Our objective is that you will be able to make better business in the Middle East and Golf states/GCC.


Through a network we are able to help you to get get knowledge and contacts at the market in the Middle East and Golf States/GCC. In todays global business are you and your company not stronger than your network. Eriksson Consulting is a unic platform with a network in the Middle East, golf States/GCC which is both contact creating and problem solviong. Eriksson Consulting offers you a wide asortment of services which makes your work easier.


Through own kowledge and a large contact net on site Eriksson Consulting can help your company with: